Walk for 90 minutes before your Christmas dinner, stave off heart attack

In an article that was published last year at this time, the author reports that a 90-minute-walk before eating a heavy, fat- and carbohydrate-laden meal can significantly improve your health. As with most things relating to heart health, it seems to be particularly useful for men. What is astonishing is not only that it doesn’t matter whether the men are overweight or not: The walking decreases their blood fats, and has positive effects for 24 hours after the walk.

Wow, imagine if you were doing that every day. I know that in some climates, the idea of a 90 minute walk on Christmas day may sound like sheer madness. But studies indicate that most people can complete a 90 minute walk, even if they are not particularly in shape. I realize that I must sound like Jenny-Do-Gooder, but I ran five miles today in 14 degree temperatures. If you dress for the weather, you can surely get out and walk.

Calories In Avocado

Avocadoes are frequently known as the avocado pear or the alligator pear. They are a great ingredient when making guacamole, avocado juice or shakes, avocado tortilla soup, mushroom and salad, or even avocado lime pie. They are certainly healthy choice when one is watching their weight, lowering cholesterol, preventing breast or prostate cancer. It is also a vital food containing potassium which can help to lower blood pressure. As most perceptive eaters are concerned about their health or what they put into their bodies, calories is one concern that often arises. So, how many calories does an avocado have?

Even before taking how much calories are in avocado you should know first that it has different benefits to your health. First before considering using low calories food you should remember that looking out for you to become slim should be in a healthy way.

If you use this supplement, the cholesterol in your body will reduce because of oleic acid found in it is a fat in type of mono unsaturated known for their low cholesterol. If you use it regularly, you will suffer less circulatory infections and you will never have blood pressure because of potassium found in this vitamin. The folate also found in it lowers the high risks of developing any cardiovascular problem.

Calories In A Avocado

It can be eaten at its own or mixed with other foods. You can also make avocado salads or appetizer when you mix it with other ingredients. You should not be too concerned with calories in it but how those calories can help you to live a healthy life. Make sure that you added some cube in your salad or in your salsa. With this mix your will be able to improve carotenoids that are absorbed with vegetables.

It is better to eat mono unsaturated fats with carotenoid because they are not soluble in water but fats. This will help your body to absorb more vitamins. If you add it to your carrot salad, to your lettuce or your baby spinach you will increase the amount of carotenoids absorbed by your body. No matter how little the avocado you add to what you are going to eat, you will improve the overall carotenoid level you take. This has been proven by different scientific researches. Beta-carotene, alpha carotene and lutein are some among carotenoids that will be absorbed by your body if you eat it. If you add to your salsa avocado, you will increase intake of beta carotene and lycopene up to 2.6 more times.

Make sure that you eat always a small amount of avocado with your food to add to your vitamins, mineral and monounsaturated fats. Beside the benefits to increase the calories you take with this supplement, it is tasty and will increase your appetite. Avocado has many other benefit, like strengthening your hair and improve its shining.

Losing Weight Tips – 6 Tips That Work

The truth about fat burning is that once an individual can have a proper understanding of his body type, then he can decipher what kind of weight loss program will suit him without getting misled by a bunch of weight loss programs that do not work for him. To get a proper understanding on how to go about your weight loss strategy, there are thirteen losing weight tips in this article that will give you that new look you’ve been dreaming of.

– Diet: This plays a large role in any weight loss program. Since you can’t stop eating, you have to learn how to eat right. You start by eating a healthy balanced diet. Who says you can’t eat starchy foods?  You can definitely consume your carbs but make sure they are from healthy sources like whole wheat pasta, wheat bread, brown rice and oatmeal due to their high fiber content.  Fiber really helps in bowel movement, and once you can get rid of the waste inside of you, it makes no allowance for undigested foods to get stored in your system. Go for healthy proteins such as black beans, garbanzo, soybeans, split peas, chick peas, lentils, lean meat, shell fish or other types of fish, some skimmed milk, you can take eggs but for now stick to egg whites. Avoid trans and saturated fats; choose healthy oils like olive oil, avocado and salmon. For your roughages, farm fresh fruits, vegetables as well as raw nuts are the best. Salt must contain iodine and must be sparingly used. Nevertheless, all these foods gotten from healthy sources must be taken moderately so as not to hinder your weight loss goal. Fruits, for example when taken in excess can make you add more weight  due to the sugar in them which later turns into fat.

– An active lifestyle will reinforce your metabolic rate. When your metabolism is fast it makes it easier for you to lose weight. Most overweight people possess slow metabolisms because of their weight gain. You can put an end to this by being active. Sign up for a skill acquisition program such as bridal make-up, dancing, swimming, acting e.tc. Spend time with your family by frequently going out on sight-seeing, Wash the windows, do the laundry instead of using the washing machine, take the stairs always etc . And take your dog out for a walk are part of active lifestyles that can help you lose weight effortlessly without you realizing it.

– Most overweight people think when they sleep too much; it will make them add weight. However, this is only a fallacy. In fact, sleep does the exact opposite for you. Getting the minimum 7-8 hours of sleep facilitate your weight loss strategy. When you deprive yourself of sleep, it only disrupts the hormonal balance causing a decrease in Leptin which is responsible for making you full and an increase in Gherkin which is a hormone initiated by P/D1 cells in the stomach lining responsible for stimulating  and increasing  appetite. So, if you are not getting enough of the recommended sleeping hours per night you are more prone to weight gain. Getting sufficient sleep is one of the most organic ways of shedding weight fast.

– According to scientific  theories, results  have shown that the stress hormones increase the fat storage in human beings especially in obese people. You can get a new lifestyle by having more of the Eustress since we still need some amount of stress to function properly. Eustress is the positive type of stress that the body demands for. Eustress can become part of your life by engaging in more positive tasks like charity work, learning the art of concentration such as meditation, playing with the kids, avoiding conflict with your spouse or colleagues at work, choosing a career or vocation you love doing etc. Eustress gives you a sense of peace, tranquility and fulfillment.

– Amazingly, a study has shown that people who are married to obese people are liable to gain weight by 37 percent than those married to slim people or folks with normal weight.

–  Impaired Taste Buds: Some studies have also been linked to the taste buds in overweight people which is capable of making them to develop cravings for sugary and fatty foods due to damaged taste nerves in them. As a result of this uncommon impairment, the damaged taste nerve makes it difficult for them to be able to sense food sweetness or fattiness normally. This infection is usually caused by ear infections in the middle ear which eventually affects the taste nerve connected to the middle ear. Ensure that you treat any ear infection immediately to prevent taste loss. For those who have the problem already and are undergoing therapeutic or surgical transplant, they can get nutritional scales to measure the nutrients contained in the food.

Finally, health and fitness largely depend on our lifestyles which end up in  determining the kind of body structures we have.  Getting an active lifestyle which is one of my losing weight tips should be adopted by all overweight people since most of them engage in sedentary lives which make them to gain back the weight they have lost. Simply follow all expatiated tips above and you’ll find yourself looking healthier and slimmer.

Google Brings Back Carter Panels

Jimmy Carter installed 32 solar hot water panels in 1979 in an effort to spur a move toward renewable energy and independence from foreign energy sources. The panels were removed by the Reagan administration, and Google tracked the panels to Unity College and now have one of the panels on display at their Washington, D.C. office.

Google is making a strong commitment to a clean energy future, and this effort is one of many to raise awareness of what American enginuity might achieve.

Salsa Verde – It’s so very salsa!

Growing up in Alaska, my first introduction to Mexican food was the classic American version of the taco. You know the one, the hard shells that come from a yellow box, the packet of taco seasoning (yes, in a yellow bag) that you mix in with your ground beef, some lettuce, cheese, tomato and salsa from a jar. Good to go…or so I thought. This was how I remembered Mexican food. Fast forward twenty years, and I now live in San Diego, and boy did we have it all wrong in Alaska! Short of crossing the border, I’m not sure where you will find better Mexican cuisine here in the states. But even as I have become accustomed to great Mexican food, I’ll admit I sometimes make tacos the old fashioned way just like when I was a kid.
Having lived in San Diego most of my adult life, you begin to begin to recognize the significance of salsa in Mexican dishes and the traditional Mexican home. In fact most meals are served with Salsa and peppers, from breakfast to dinner. Most Mexican restaurants will have dishes of freshly prepared salsa on the table when you arrive. Great for dipping tortilla chips and spreading on your meal. The two most common salsas you will encounter are salsa roja (a tomato based salsa) and salsa verde.

Salsa Verde is green in color and is made from tomatillos and green chilis. Tomatillos are very similar to tomatoes and are related to the tomato family. They are green in color but when purchased or picked will have a yellowish husk on them not much different than the first few outer layers of an onion. This husk can be easily removed by soaking them in hot tap water for about 3 minutes. The husk then should be easily removed.

Making fresh salsa is imperative to good Mexican food. I would only resort to store bought salsa from a jar if it was my only option. Salsa is really pretty easy to make. So even on those occasions when I whip up some old fashioned tacos, mom style, I always choose to use fresh salsa. So, if tacos in a shell are all that’s in your repertoire of Mexican recipes, be sure to whip up some fresh salsa too, you will taste the difference.

Collecting Abstact Art

I walked into a friend’s house one day and, in the kitchen, saw an unusual picture hanging over the table. The painting was simple and in a huge frame:  an off-black wash with a big red dot off-centered to the left. I looked around the room and didn’t see anything else that matched the big red dot. It was strange and looked weirdly out of place. But, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. As we talked I found myself gazing at that dot.

“Okay, I give up,” I finally said. “What’s the dot for?”

She laughed. “I’ve had a very nice floral numbered print up there for years,” she told me. “I paid a lot of money for it and everything in the kitchen matches the colors in that print. But not once has anyone asked me about it. I took it down and hung this abstract painting that I paid less than $100 for and everyone who has come into my kitchen has asked me about it.  I have decided to start an abstract art collection because this one has been a conversation starter like non other I’ve had!”

Hmmm … Are you tired of the same old humdrum decorations that match what everyone else has? The mass processed photos, knick-knacks and prints? Then why don’t you just have an abstract makeover! Collecting abstract art such as paintings, and other abstract pieces can really change your home and give it a vibrancy that will never grow old. In addition, it starts a collection that will keep conversations going.

So, how does one start a collection? How do you know what to or not to buy? The first thing to do is to research, learn what you can about known or even famous artists and their works. Some prominent names that you may come across are Barnett Newman, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hoffmann, Willem De Kooning and Jackson Pollock. You can also go to an abstract art gallery to study their paintings in closer detail.

Once you decide on the kind of paintings or other abstract art you want, you will need to decide what pieces will fit in the allotted space and which you want first. Of course, you need to keep your budget in mind as well, because original works of abstract art can be quiet costly, ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t let that scare you, because some of the lesser known artists, and even some artists that are local to your location, no matter where you are in the world, who produce phenomenal work are more affordable for those on a limited budget, with prices from $20 to a couple of thousand.

Some people may be interested in collecting period pieces of abstract art. If this is the case, then you may be able to find the pieces you are looking for by searching on the Internet or through specialty dealers. Some places, both online and off even hold art auctions where you can get a prized painting for a lesser amount.

No matter where your interest lies with abstract art, a collection of beautiful art beautifies your surroundings and brings with it a sense of joy and pride.